Praying over RREACH’s three strategies

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for your continued prayer for Dr. Richard and RREACH. As we head into the fall, there is a flurry of activity at RREACH in each of our three strategies: Media Outreach, Personal Proclamation and Ministry training.

Please join us in praying for the following requests:

Media Outreach:
Dr. Richard will film multiple Life Rocks messages later this month. Pray for God to use this media-driven method to spread the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ to individuals around the world.

Personal Proclamation: 
Continue to pray for Dr. Richard’s recovery from the huge GProCongress effort. Pray for upcoming opportunities for his personal proclamation of the Lord Jesus Christ, including during an upcoming trip to India.

Ministry Training:
Dallas GPA: Pray for wisdom and discernment as we assemble the team that will be planning and carrying out the 2017 Dallas GPA, set for June 2017 on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary. Pray, also for the selection of 25 fine, young pastors from around the globe, and specifically for candidates from countries never before represented at the Dallas GPA.

National GPAs: Pray for the planning and preparations for national GPAs in 2017. It is our goal to have 25 NGPAs per year through 2020, which is a huge undertaking.

GProCongress: Pray for the follow-up team and their efforts in having all attendees and even non-attendees fulfill the goals of the Congress in deliberate and ongoing training of pastors.

RREACH operations:
Pray for the upcoming Audit Committee meeting and Board meetings, as well as hiring decisions.


Managing a gradual return: praying for discernment and direction

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for praying for Dr. Richard’s post-GProCongress recovery. Managing a gradual return is demanding! Please pray for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, clarity in decisions, and physical stamina as he seeks God’s pacing through numerous opportunities and contacts generated on his southeast Asia trip. Also pray for God’s favor as Dr. Richard works through roadblocks to replace some important documents stolen from him in April.  

Praise God for Dr. Richard and the global team developing and facilitating follow-up for the massive pastoral training movement catalyzed at the Congress. Ask Him to reveal the most critical needs, for plans to result in effective action and robust response, and for supporting technologies to function smoothly. Ask Him to further connect, unite and strengthen pastoral trainers from formal and non-formal pastoral training sectors.

 Dr. Richard looks forward to spending time with Dallas Seminary colleagues at their annual retreat next week, the Lord willing, and to the Sept. 8 GProCongress Praise and Prayer celebration dinner. Please pray for these times to be fruitful. We are also asking God to provide special funding for the dinner.   


Please pray: Continued recovery, National GPAs and more

Dear praying friends,

Dr. Ramesh Richard is beginning to pick up his pace after taking time to recover from his schedule leading up to and during the GProCongress for Pastoral Trainers.

Earlier this week he flew to southeast Asia to serve as a mentor at Lausanne’s Young Leaders Gathering 2016. While in the region, he is touching base with long-time friends, thanking them for their encouragement during the GProCongress season and giving them a glimpse of the momentum generated by the Congress.

His agenda next week expands to several speaking engagements and key meetings regarding GProCongress follow-up. His son Ryan is accompanying him on this trip.

Please pray for Dr. Richard’s continued recovery, especially with the physical demands of this trip. He says his brain is slightly ahead of his body in the recovery process.

Pray, too, for those organizing national GPAs in 2017. National GPAs are a strategic part of the GProCommission vision for 100,000 connected, united and strengthened pastoral leaders by 2020. RREACH’s goal for the next four years is to hold 25 national GPAs per year (up from 10 per year prior to the GProCongress). This will require much more coordination, as well as funding. The cost of a national GPA is $25,000.

Finally, yesterday 11 bombings took place in five different provinces in Thailand. Please ask God for His sustaining care for those affected and for the pastors ministering to them.

Remember all our brothers and sisters around the world in ongoing situations of devastation and need. Thank you for praying!


Greetings in the name of the Most High One, the Lord Jesus Christ!


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Dear praying friends,

Greetings in the name of the Most High One, the Lord Jesus Christ! That’s how Dr. Ramesh Richard greeted attendees the first evening and every morning of the GProCongress for Pastoral Trainers held June 15 – 22 in Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you for your earnest prayer for Dr. Richard, the RREACH and GProCongress teams, and the GProCongress itself over many months. God received glory, and many participants are testifying to how He blessed them.

Our prayer now turns to upcoming action. Please pray for:

  • Dr. Richard, as he now prioritizes his personal proclamation gifting expressed in so many ways, and undergirds his global proclamation calling—facilitating the multiplication of proclaimers
  • Total protection and global provision as Congress attendees implement accelerated pastoral training plans
  • The GProCongress follow-up team as they grow GProConneXt, the strategic Congress follow-up platform.
IMG_20160707_183125 (2)

The RREACH board and friends praying over Dr. Richard and Bonnie following a GProCongress debriefing.

Also remember believers around the world as we live for the Lord Jesus amid turmoil. RREACH receives new reports almost daily of shrinking religious freedoms and rising persecution. Overnight last night violent conflict erupted in South Sudan’s new government. Here in Dallas, close to home for RREACH, multiple police officers were murdered. As Dr. Richard tweeted this morning, ”July 8, 2016 is as much a day of badness, madness, & sadness in my city of Dallas as Nov 22, 1963.”

Of course, he has also said, “Pastoral health affects church health, and church health affects societal health.” This is a day when healthy pastors can minister to those grieving, angry and even cynical.

Your prayer and encouragement for Dr. Richard and RREACH are invaluable as we seek to strengthen pastors, the leaders on the front lines of this war, for God’s glory and the very best of many everywhere.

Five days…pray for total protection and global provision


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Dear praying friends,

In about five days, the Lord willing, the GProCongress for Pastoral Trainers will convene in Bangkok, Thailand. Congress team members and volunteers are arriving daily in Thailand for on-site preparation.

When RREACH launched “the year of the GProCongress” last June, Dr. Richard asked for prayer for God’s Total Protection and Global Provision. God has answered our prayers in mighty ways, showing His clear intention for this event to take place despite some overwhelming challenges.

Please continue to pray for Total Protection and Global Provision:

  • for the many participants (especially those coming from West Africa and South Asia) who continue to have trouble getting visas
  • for the final logistical details for June 15-22 and the four-year follow-up that are being pulled together
  • for the participants who are beginning to make the journey to Bangkok
  • that the Enemy’s forces, as they seek to distract and deter, will be deactivated
  • that God will move people, events and ideas to address the need to exponentially multiply pastoral training through the GProCongress

For the health and beauty of Christ’s bride worldwide.

Please keep praying!


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Dear praying friends,

In less than two weeks, the Lord willing, the GProCongress for Pastoral Trainers will begin. Thank you for your faithful, focused prayer for Dr. Richard and all involved with this event. God is moving. Please keep praying!

  • Program – the core vehicle for the Congress vision

o   Spirit-led final planning and excellent implementation

o   Presenters/Coaches: pure hearts, clear messages, safe travels

o   Development and execution of the strategic four-year follow-up plan

  • Participants

o   God’s powerful intervention on behalf of those facing visa challenges

o   Outpouring of resources for those unable to meet travel expenses

o   Heart and mind preparation, health and safety

  • Funding

o   Praise for the generosity of many who have helped us keep in step with obligations

o   Completion of funding – $2.5 million by Dec. 31

Currently, more than 2800 have registered for the Congress. Pray against obstacles that cause cancellations. We also continue to hear daily of new interest. Pray for the right 3000 attendees!

Dr. Richard and Bonnie are leaving for Thailand early this week. Please pray for total protection and global provision as they travel and make final physical, mental, spiritual, relational preparations. Thank you.

Urgent prayer needs: Congress registrant visa and funding challenges


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Dear praying friends,

We thank God for two good days of planning Dr. Richard had with the GProCongress program team earlier this week. Please pray that they can move quickly on action items, for positive results, and for the Holy Spirit’s total direction of the program.

Some requests we’ve brought to you before are now critical: visa procurement and participant travel funding. Despite the Congress team’s great diligence and the hospitality of the Thai government, GProCongress registrants in some countries are still encountering obstacles when applying for visas. One pastoral trainer writes:

We are facing difficulties in obtaining the visa. We sent an email to the embassy but we did not receive any response, we then followed up with a call but no one picked up.

We traveled to the embassy city on Tuesday to present all our authorized documents and were asked to come for the visa the following day till today. We were only informed today that we cannot receive our visa unless the embassy receives more information.

Our flight home was this evening but we have to reschedule our flight for Monday. Most of the participants from other West Africa countries are getting frustrated with the hindrance here because of the cost of hotel, feeding and transportation just to get a visa.

We are pleading with you to help in facilitating the visa process.

Some other registrants are regretfully cancelling their attendance because they have not been able to get funds to travel to Bangkok. Please intercede for God’s provision and protection in the face of these visa and funding challenges, and pray that many will see Him at work and glorify Him.

Visa praises and needs, program planning details


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Dear praying friends,

News from the GProCongress frontline: “Just heard that 30 pastors just received visas in Kenya, with more to come. Twenty-two pastors from Benin received visas in Senegal, even though they were to go to Nigeria! Wonderful miracles are happening, praise God together.” However, we’re also hearing from pastoral trainers in countries where visas are being denied.

Your prayers are vital, please keep on. Many pastoral trainers long to attend the GProCongress yet face visa, financial, health, transportation and other challenges. Pray that the Lord will provide and protect in such a way that their faith will be strengthened and His name lifted up among any non-believing family members, friends, acquaintances—even in their nation. Additional needs in the area of Congress recruitment include participation from countries not yet represented and strong delegations from strategic countries, including a good response to an initiative in honor of the late Rev. Enoch Sirikul.

Dr. Richard and the Congress program team plan to meet next week. Ask God to give them wisdom and creativity in planning, and attention to detail, encouragement and patience in plan implementation. Dr. Richard requests special prayer for three main program elements—the opening and closing events and the mid-Congress Communion service. Also lift up the panel discussion addressing how to connect and enhance the worlds of formal and non-formal pastoral training. The Lord willing, Dr. Richard is to participate in this panel.

Thank you for praying.

30 days until the Congress: praises and requests


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Dear praying friends,

Thank you for your prayer during the difficult time of Rev. Enoch Sirikul’s abrupt home-going and resulting challenges to GProCongress preparation. The Lord Jesus is inspiring Thai Christian leaders to carry forward Rev. Sirikul’s ministry in this land where less than 1 percent of the population identifies as Christian. He is also inspiring broader interest in the GProCongress. As you remember Rev. Sirikul’s family and all grieving his earthly loss, intercede for God to work mightily through those he trained. Specifically ask for His wisdom, guidance, protection and provision as Dr. Richard and the GProCongress team adjust and proceed with even more heartfelt urgency.

Pray for the GProCongress registration team as registration activity has increased heavily. Pray for this trend to continue, technology systems to operate smoothly and visa challenges to be overcome. Also praise God for providing tremendous favor with the Thai government in regard to visas.

Many pastoral trainers have acted in faith, obedience and hope as they paid Congress registration fees. They still need funding to travel to Bangkok. Please ask God to provide abundantly, so that now and in the years to come more may trust and rejoice in His name. Please ask Him for abundant spiritual provision for GProCongress presenters and coaches, also.

In a few days, the Lord willing, Dr. Richard is to record some online curriculum sessions regarding the Holy Spirit. Pray for wisdom, strength and clarity, for God’s glory. Thank you!

Grieving and Acting with Hope


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Dear praying friends,

Dr. Steve Douglass-Campus Crusade for Christ International/Cru, Rev. Sirikul and Dr. Richard last November in Florida

Dr. Steve Douglass – Campus Crusade for Christ International/Cru, Rev. Sirikul and Dr. Richard last November in Florida

Early this morning Rev. Enoch Yuttasak Sirikul, chair of the Executive Board of Thailand Evangelism and Church Growth Committee, chair of Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ, and national coordinator for the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers, went home to the Lord after a sudden, massive heart attack. Please pray for Rev. Sirikul’s family, friends and ministry.

Rev. Sirikul instantly invited Dr. Richard to hold the GProCongress in Thailand after Typhoon Haiyan battered the Philippines in late 2013, requiring the relocation and rescheduling of the event. “[The GProCongress] will be a historic event in the body of Christ for this generation,” he said.

“I am shocked, stunned and terrifically sad,” Dr. Ramesh Richard said. “I’ve known ‘Nok’ for 30 years. He was one of the great leaders of the world and one of my best friends in ministry.” Your committed prayer for God’s total protection and global provision for the fulfillment of the GProCongress and its strategic follow-up is essential during these days. Please remember:

  • Registration and delegates – up to 5,000 of the right pastoral trainers from all areas of the world
  • Speakers, presenters, coaches and follow-up – availability and preparation
  • Funding – God has supplied all the funding needed to meet Congress contract deadlines to date; we anticipate needing another $1.6 million by June 15
  • GProCongress team – creativity, capacity and Christlikeness

Thank you for praying for us during this time of intense grief and action.



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